October 5 - 11, 2019


Baltimore Innovation Week is a unique opportunity to showcase the city’s creative minds and forward thinking organizations who are part of the thriving innovation and entrepreneurship community. The week aims to highlight positive messaging within Baltimore’s growing reputation as a hub for innovation across the United States.

For the 8th year, thousands of business owners, marketers, salespeople, and customer success pros come together for a week of inspiration, education, and networking during BIW19. Founded in 2012 by Technical.ly, the annual event series has brought together thought-leaders, top innovators, and industry experts to create one of the best business conferences in the country. 


Each day has a designated focus on one of seven sectors of innovation. Leaders of each industry are working together to produce events throughout the day that will inspire, inform, and celebrate the ways that people in Baltimore are changing the way we live.


Developing Community Partnerships and Local Investment 
By working together, educating, empowering, and investing in the local community, change is possible. Attendees will experience firsthand how the newest technologies and dedicated community groups impact the people that live and work in Baltimore. Kicking off the week, volunteers will join nonprofit partners to plant trees in East Baltimore. Learn more about giving back to your community at a non-profit volunteer showcase and BBQ. In the afternoon, hear from a panel of experts about what new blockchain developments mean for Baltimoreans. Don’t miss the chance for you and your families to get involved in an immersive learning experience of robotics, drones, and coding. 


Showcase Baltimore’s Neighborhoods, Architecture, and History
This is your chance to explore Baltimore’s neighborhoods and peek inside the city's most stunning spaces, while meaningfully connecting with the built environment and the people who design, build, preserve and carry out amazing work for our city. Gain access to Charm City’s wealth of architecture and explore its neighborhoods during a citywide open house. Get the inside story on Baltimore’s iconic buildings on special tours led by architects and designers at Doors Open Baltimore.


Building a Pipeline for Meaningful Change
Everyday, technology is being developed to provide people with the knowledge and tools to successfully execute ideas and build products that make a difference. At the University of Baltimore, watch students pitch their ideas to the University's entrepreneurial experts on the Startup Maryland Bus. Then head over to Impact Hub and enjoy a happy hour while learning from the Teachers Founders Network about how former teachers are using their skills to improve all areas of education; from digital lesson planning to budget management, and mental health support for teachers and students. 


Designing the Future of Technology
Technology has evolved into a fully immersive and necessary part of our everyday lives. Learn how Baltimore is creating and using new technology to impact the world in physical and digital art, marketing, and product development. Visit MICA in the morning to see how students are turning artistic vision into biotechnology by exploring intriguing ideas and projects where creative thinking grounded in science can generate significant change. Then, spend the afternoon at the B&O Railroad Museum, where you’ll hear expert panelists discuss eCommerce, shipping, online marketing and the 2020 election. Afterwards, experience the advances of AR and VR and see how the Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund in Film is connecting the Baltimore creative community. 


Innovation Under Development
Everyday technology breakthroughs are being made, changing the way we live and work. The technology being enhanced and developed is being built into new products and breathing life and a new purpose in old ones. A diverse and enthusiastic group of Baltimore, MD companies are motivated to expand Development Day beyond software and technology. The action-packed day of events will showcase how technology is enhancing our lives, businesses, homes, and decisions in technology products of the future.The day consists of educational programming, Maryland startups, LIVE Demos, an Entrepreneur Fair, and a Made In Baltimore Sourcing & Supplier Fair. Expect panel discussions showcasing technologies of the future, funding and startups, plus technology innovation in products and software.


Entrepreneurship Tools for Success
The journey of growing a successful business is difficult to navigate when new technology is constantly being developed and changing faster than ever. Listen to industry leaders explain how attendees can use these new advancements to their advantage in a series of discussions and showcases. Hear how remote workers are changing the way we think about coworking and the future of the workplace. Marketing and business professionals share their knowledge on how CRM & Loyalty Marketing can generate company-wide adoption, success for the business, and most importantly, stronger, more meaningful relationships with their customers. Startups, small businesses, and freelancers learn how engaging in global markets can increase their chances of building a stable, sustainable business. In the evening, network and connect with local business owners at StartupGrind Baltimore.


Increasing Access & Inclusion in the Social Innovation Ecosystem
It may come as no surprise that the average entrepreneur profile skews towards white, male, and well-off. A number of systemic inequities contribute to this predisposition such as lack of access to education and resources, lack of social capital, and lack of funding. When it comes to social entrepreneurship, diversity measures increase a bit, but the same inequalities persist leaving even the most innovative and impactful business ideas to be snuffed out before they're even fully formed. A number of players in Baltimore's social innovation ecosystem are making concerted efforts to combat these barriers to entry so that knowledge, resources, and funding can reach nontraditional entrepreneurs. Women, people of color, and low-income individuals have the unique perspectives of their lived experience to inform and energize a socially-conscious business model of their own invention - provided we clear the path for their ideas to succeed.